International Nurses Day International Council of Nurses, ICN

Many people may know that we have National Nurses Day. which falls on October 21 of each year. But maybe you don’t know that May 12 is also International Nurses’ Day. If you want to know why “International Nursing Day” is important? And why does it have to happen today? Today, the dot com jar has an answer to answer.

International Nurses Day Background

      International Council of Nurses (ICN), which is a professional nursing organization. set the date of May 12 each year to be International Nurses' Day, which first began in 1971.

      This is because May 12 is the birthday of Miss Florence Nightingale, the founder of the nursing profession. she and is a person who has a true ideology that aims to serve the public for the benefit of humanity until it is praised and known around the world

Purpose of the International Day of Nurses

      international nurses day He wanted to honor the virtues of "Miss Florence Nightingale" who had made a great contribution to humanity. Including honoring, honoring and letting people take as role models. It also aims to encourage nurses around the world to collaborate in activities that benefit the public. and establish guidelines for nurses around the world to campaign to solve health problems every year.

Story of Miss Florence Nightingale

      Miss Florence Nightingale is British. Born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy, Miss Florence Nightingale's family was classified as wealthy, which gave her a good upbringing. So, when she was 20, she asked her parents to study nursing. but not authorized, because in those days nursing work was not as supported as it should have been. But she is still determined to work selflessly to care for the sick. her up to the opportunity to visit and see work in various hospitals in Europe until finally she Miss Florence Nightingale attended nursing training in Germany as she dreamed of.

      Later, in the year 1857, the Crimean War broke out, Miss Florence Nightingale volunteered to help care for the soldiers wounded during the war. she sacrificed her property and asked for donations to provide various medical supplies to help the soldiers. They also made a visiting visit to detain and encourage the soldiers even at night until they received the nickname "The Lady with the Lamp".

      After the war, Miss Florence Nightingale took the lead in promoting the development of nursing. Finally, someone jointly established the Nightingale Nursing Education Fund in her honor. Florence Nightingale was then accepted as a health organizer in the British army. and the planning of sanitation work in India until the creation of a nursing school that is a model for nursing schools around the world. In addition, Miss Florence Nightingale is also considered an important person in the world. as a pioneer in the nursing profession as well